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Xiaomi MIUI 11: Das ist der offizielle Changelog mit allen Neuerungen

Gestern habe ich in diesem Artikel schon mal alle bis dato bekannten Neuerungen der Android-Software MIUI 11 von Xiaomi zusammengefasst. Inzwischen habe ich bei den XDA-Developers auch noch den offiziellen Changelog entdeckt. Dieser bezieht sich allerdings auf die Beta-Version für China und ist somit nicht 100% übereinstimmend mit dem Changelog für die Global Version.

Ein Beispiel: Der smarte Assistent von Xiaomi wird zu 100% nicht in der Global Version enthalten sein. Macht ja auch keinen Sinn, denn der smarte Assistent spricht und versteht lediglich „Chinesisch“.

Übrigens: Bei den XDA-Developers findet ihr schon die Links zu den jeweiligen Beta-Versionen für die insgesamt 17 Xiaomi- und Redmi-Smartphones. An dieser Stelle sei aber ausdrücklich erwähnt, dass es sich dabei um die Version für China handelt. Diese kommt gänzlich ohne Google Play-Dienste aus und auch Deutsch steht meines Wissens nicht als Sprache zur Auswahl.

MIUI 11: Der offizielle Changelog

  • Attention – Empowering the productive
    • Comprehensive design optimized for fullscreen display devices
    • Removing visual clutter, improving touch controls, and refining the use of color allowed us to create the system where nothing stands between you and the content.
  • Beauty starts with text. Our fonts matured.
    • Now text looks gorgeous in all languages.
    • Now, font weight can be adjusted automatically depending on the text.
  • Ambient display
    • Ambient display now comes with gorgeous dynamic themes.
    • Essential information is displayed on your screen 24/7.
    • Personalize your device with a unique signature.
    • Keep your screen alive with our amazing special effects.
  • Sounds of nature
    • Wake up to the gentle sounds of nature with our new alarm ringtones.
    • Notification sounds won’t make you tired. Now, they keep changing dynamically, just like nature does.
  • Mi Share
    • Transfer files from phone to phone at breakneck speeds.
    • Mi Share works both on phones and computers.
  • Documents
    • Preview your documents before you open them.
    • Stay productive and efficient with our all-new Mi Doc Viewer.
  • Casting
    • MIUI allows you to cast videos, games, documents, and apps to more than 300 TV models directly from your phone.
    • MIUI’s casting functionality allows you to hide personal items to keep all sensitive things private.
  • Printing
    • Print photos and files directly from your phone without installing any additional apps
  • Trips
    • Plan your trips with MIUI: add your flight or train tickets, learn about the weather at your destination, get local mobile data, view the currency exchange rates, or contact your consulate abroad.
  • Ultra battery saver
    • Use this feature to challenge your device to a whole day on just 5% of the battery.
  • More features
    • Tasks. Manage and edit your tasks in the Notes app. Receive timely notifications and mark things done.
    • Kid space. Create a safe digital environment for your kids.
    • Family guard. Control connected devices to help your friends and family.
    • Screen time. View stats and manage your time more efficiently.
    • Emergency SOS. Rapidly press the Power button 5 times to send an SOS message to your emergency contacts.
    • Earthquake warnings. Stay safe and informed in case of an earthquake.
    • Quick replies. Reply to messages from any app.
    • Themes. Lots of free resources to make your device truly unique.
    • Mi Community. Get the latest news from Xiaomi, test new features, and participate in our events.
    • Autofill passwords. Store passwords on your device and use them whenever you need them.
    • Calendar. All your events in one place.
    • Mi AI 3.0. All-new. Much more powerful.
    • Security. Safeguard and optimize your device.
    • Game Turbo. Turn your device into an ultimate gaming console.

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